Hey! I’m Meagan. I love stories. And I love certain things in life…

Like when I was a kid I thought I loved theme parks but as an adult I realized I just loved looking at their illustrated maps. I also watched a lot of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? – which resulted in demanding my parents order kid detective kits for me – and later in life turned into a desire to host murder mystery dinners. As an young, enthusiastic extrovert I also wanted to act in school plays but despite my thespian dreams I only ever landed parts like Nana the dog in Peter Pan.

I think life is a giant gift and try to continually remind myself how entirely grateful I am just to be here.

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Somewhere in Brooklyn (though I live in/around Somerville, MA)

That’s not to say I haven’t hit my rough patches. Portrait for a Story really came out of a need for advice from other people as I wandered through life. So many people bump around lost in this world! And I have learned even when we think we’re finally found we kind of want to be lost again. Hearing the good and the bad stories has helped me forge a new path.

When I’m working people always ask me “What kind of story do you want?” and I say “Any kind!” which has led to some laughable on-the-spot fiction and raw honest truths. A friend asked me once what story I would tell? I waiver between an argument I had playing twister in kindergarten when I discovered I was left handed and being asked by an Orthodox Jew on the street if I could come inside a synagogue and turn up the heat. New stories are happening to me every day, so ask me if you see me.

Thanks for visiting Portrait for a Story, I hope it helped you find something.

You can email me any time at [email protected]