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Ok, my name is Nadine Hoover and when I was small we used to run on the hill back there between Renoylds street and Harold Snyders farm and we played on that hill and one day my brother and his friends said you want to see this secret place and I said sure and we went down and you had to go through the trees and across this like wall and then up on to a roof and down a bell tower and it was a very small space so clearly nothing but an animal or a child could get in. And inside it was a wonderland it was a wonderful place for children and it was just a place for children to play and it was so cool. And so we used to go back there occasionally and play. And then one day I was in there and I heard big footsteps like a giant and I thought that’s like a giant or an adult or something and I remember thinking how did they get in here? And then I thought this must be where they live like their place and I had never seen them before and I was telling everybody “Shh! shh! shh! you’ve got to be quiet! you’ve got to be quiet!!” and they were totally ignoring me because I was the littlest one so they weren’t listening to me. And all of sudden this adult walked in and we all stood there like and all I could think was, “How did you get in here?” cause the only way in was this tiny little come through the woods and go through this tiny little hole how could he fit? He couldn’t fit! He must be stuck in here and live here forever. And he said, “Have you found the make up room?” and I knew what it was like you… didn’t touch mothers make up, right? So I was like, “No! no we haven’t touched the makeup!” and he says, “Well then come here” and he walks down like a pitch black hallway and opens the door and flips on some lights and there were lights all the way around the room and mirrors all the way around the room… and he says, “What do you want to be?” so we all tell him what we want to be and he makes our faces up for us. Then he shakes his finger and tells us that we aren’t aloud to play in here anymore or come back again. He brings us to the front door which is actually the front of what’s now the Montessori school which used to house all the makeup and equipment for plays.

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